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 Vial Washing, Filling, Sealing, Inter stopping Production line

Main application

This line is made up Vertical ultrasonic washing machine, Sterilizing & Drying machineFilling & Stoppering machine, Capping and this line is mainly suitable for vial with water injectable and lyophilized type.

Each machine can used singly and can be combined with other machine. It can complete the following procedures when it is combined with other machine: bottle-infeeding with net belt, water spraying,  ultrasonic washing, clamping bottle with manipulator, bottle turning, flushing (interior and exterior side of bottle), air charging (interior, exterior side of bottle),air charging (interior, exterior side of bottle), preheating, drying & sterilizing, cooling(nitrogen charging before filling), filling, (nitrogen charging afterfilling),stopper-handling,stopper-infeeding,cap-handling,capping.

This machine is characterized by reasonable structure, advanced design, high automation, stable running, reliability, high efficiency and can be realized integration of machine with electricity.

Filling and stoppering machine can be changed to powder machine kind and can be combined as vial powder washing, filling, sealing interlocking production line.