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 Sterilizing Drye


Main application

Mainly used in pharmaceutical factory various ampoules automatic drying, sterilization and eliminate pyrogen. It’s also applies to drying sterilization antibiotics vial and oral liquid bottle of glass containers.

Performance characteristics


This machine is of whole tunnel type structure, divided into preheating high temperature sterilizing, cooling three parts. It’s adopted the principle of “the hot air circulation of laminar heating method” to the dry-heat sterilization ampoules automatic completion the complete set of the production process from ampoule inlet, preheating, drying sterilization, cooling to ampoule outlet. Can make the vessel inside the sealed tunnel the national cleanliness level 3 class standard (American industry standard level 100 class), also increase online inspection system.


It’s the most popular and the best sterilization effects drying sterilization equipment in the world. The heat distribution is uniformity. The effect of the eliminate Pyrogen is good. This machine can use single, can also with the front washing machine and behind filling and sealing machine into linked line.